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Time 'Does' Fly When You?re Enjoying Yourself

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012
By: Ria Jones

Time 'does' fly when you’re enjoying yourself it seems! Which is what I've been doing since my last blog! First thing to mention is "Brenda's Big Night Out", written by, and starring my very talented brother Ceri Dupree. Mum and I went to the opening night at The Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea, and enjoyed every minute. Great script full of Welsh humour. Great vocals from Helen Enser Morgan and Nikki Dee. With great comic timing and physicality by Alan Jones-Griffiths. Not forgetting Ceri, whose razor sharp wit, brilliant impersonations and ad libs, and goddammit, yet again, flashing those fabulous legs! Which quite frankly, should have been mine! Thanks mum! Or should I say thanks dad! (mine are more like his!!)... It really was a great night out. A shout out too for James, Issi, Debra, Trevor, Andrew, and both Louise's, for keeping the technical side of things flowing.....


With A Song In My Heart

Published: Monday 14th May 2012
By: Ria Jones

What a fantastic night at St David's Hall. "With A Song In My Heart". What a fantastic show! It was wonderful to be a part of it, and for such a worthy cause. All proceeds going to The British Heart Foundation.

To hear so many stunning young up and coming voices from Wales made me so proud. "the Voice" or should I say "Voices", were at St David's Hall last night. They would have done Tom's team more than proud!

As always, it was great to be singing on home turf again. They really do know how to give a welcome here!!

So, it's off to Swansea now. Looking forward to seeing my brothers opening night of his new show "Brenda's Big Night Out" at the Dylan Thomas Theatre..Sure to be a fun night. Really proud of him.

Then it's back up to the smoke.....


Ria's first blog

Published: Friday 11th May 2012
By: Ria Jones

Well, finally we are here. My first blog!

So I guess a big hello and welcome is what's needed! Sam's just said, "just be yourself, dont try to be witty"! On me asking her about my first blog! "but I am witty" was my reply...Gee, now I've got my work cut out!!...Oh, and I just want to give a huge shout out to Brian Ely and Sam Ovens, for twisting my arm,(quite hard on occasions) to get my lazy bones into gear to get this site up and running!! What a team they are! Thank you for all your hard work and wizadry, and for putting up with "perfectionist Jones"..It is hard keeping up with us Jones's I know!!

After an exciting foundation laying week, hopefully there will be lots of exciting news coming soon. I'm getting ready for the concert "With A Song In My Heart" on Sunday the 13th of May, back in my homeland at St David's Hall, Cardiff.....